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Ilkka hanski

nature network



Ilveskulma is a small 2.4 ha forested area (part of Kaivopelto in Rännälä) which is connected from the north part to the Karjalansaari protected area. The forest has been managed non-intensively and retains high biodiversity value. It is a place for forest mammals, which you can track from the network of small paths. The area is fairly difficult to reach as it has water channels surrounding it. Additionally, there is an old pump station  which pumps water from the area which was originally initiated jointly with local farmers to dry the wetland for field and forest. The action turned out to be inefficient bringing benefit only to few farmers and causing loss of the original state of a biodiverse wetland. Ownership of the plot opens the opportunity to participate in restoration management discussions aimed at returning the area to an ecologically functioning wetland again.

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