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New website of the Nature Network

Welcome to the new website of Ilkka Hanski Nature Network!

Ilkka Hanski was a highly respected scientist both in Finland as well as internationally. He was an ecologist best known for his research on metapopulation theory.

Nature conservation was very important for Ilkka. Ilkka left an interesting task to his wife Eeva Furman and to his children Katri Hanski, Matti Hanski, and Eveliina Hanski: to establish a network of protected areas. A collection of protected areas from plots of forest, wetlands, and archipelago, now form the Ilkka Hanski Nature Network, and new areas are actively being added.

The purpose of the Ilkka Hanski Nature Network website is to share information about the Nature Network as well as nature conservation generally. On the website you will find information about the principles of the Nature Network and the areas that belong to the network. The website will be updated as the Nature Network evolves.

We plan to publish blogs and other notions on the website. We hope the blog will become a platform on which nature is discussed from multiple perspectives.

We wish the Ilkka Hanski Nature Network website to highlight the importance and topicality of nature conservation on both biodiversity and human well-being.

Ilkka Hanski’s family, Eeva, Katri, Matti and Eveliina, March 23rd, 2020



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